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Traditional Dalmatian dishes

Dalmatian prosciutto


Cold plate KNEZ, prosciutto, cheese, tomatoes, olives
80,00 kn
Dalmatian prosciutto (homemade)
70,00 kn / 0,10 kg
Dry sheep cheese
70,00 kn / 0,10 kg
Cow cheese
50,00 kn / 0,10 kg
Goat cheese
60,00 kn / 0,10 kg
Adraitic octopus salad
75,00 kn
Salted anchovy fillets/sardines
40,00 kn
Fish pâté
35,00 kn
Beefsteak carpaccio on arugula with balsamic, cranberries and pine nuts
120,00 kn
Daily soup
25,00 kn
Cream soup of Adriatic shrimp and French cognac
60,00 kn
Other various soup by order
33,00 kn
Shrimp buzara
95,00 kn
Eel and frog brodet with polenta
150,00 kn
White fish brodet with polenta
110,00 kn
Homemade gnocchi with hazelnuts, prosciutto and truffles
85,00 kn
Homemade gnocchi with chicken in white sauce
75,00 kn
Homemade green gnocci with vegetables
65,00 kn
Homemade gnocchi with four cheeses
75,00 kn
Homemade spaghetti with prosciutto and shrimps
80,00 kn
Spaghetti with wild boar in tomato and truffle sauce
80,00 kn
Cuttlefish risotto
85,00 kn
Lentils with polenta and tomato sauce
75,00 kn
Black ravioli stuffed with shrimp and cottage cheese in truffle and prosciutto sauce
85,00 kn
Grilled Adriatic fish - daily catch
37,00 kn / 0,10 kg
Fish fillet in foil with homemade vegetables
135,00 kn
Grilled Cetina trout - daily catch
80,00 kn
Grilled white fish fillet 1 piece with vegetables
120,00 kn
Roasted sea bass in salt with herbs for 2 persons about 800 grams (order at least 4 hours before consumption)
340,00 kn
Roasted octopus under the bell with potatoes and vegetables (order at least 2 hours before consumption)
165,00 kn
Beefsteak in mushroom sauce
Grilled squid
90,00 kn
Grilled shrimp
135,00 kn
Grilled beefsteak ca 200g
158,00 kn
Grilled beefsteak - Black Angus ca 200g
230,00 kn
Rib eye steak - Black Angus ca 300g
285,00 kn
Mushroom sauce
22,00 kn
Truffle sauce
28,00 kn
Green pepper sauce
20,00 kn
Venison stew with gnocchi
90,00 kn
Chicken breast in mustard sauce
85,00 kn
Duck breast in raspberry sauce
120,00 kn
Duck breast with sesame and balsamic sauce
120,00 kn
Roasted lamb under the bell for two persons with potatoes and vegetables (order min 6h before consumption)
255,00 kn
Lamb chops with vegetables
175,00 kn
Lamb steak with vegetables
135,00 kn
French fries
35,00 kn
Homemade grilled vegetables
33,00 kn
Aromatic polenta
24,00 kn
Seasonal salad big
30,00 kn
Seasonal salad small
20,00 kn
Olive oil wih garlic and parsley
15,00 kn
Pancakes with chocolate / jam
28,00 kn
Pancakes with ice cream
30,00 kn
Pancakes with hazelnuts
40,00 kn
Pancakes with ice cream and hot cherries
50,00 kn
Daily homemade cake
30,00 kn
Fruit cup with ice cre
40,00 kn
Ice cream
8,00 kn

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